Pillars for organising a trade show


It is great, if you have an awesome idea for an event or you have just conjured a superb strategy for the upcoming trade show. Having ideas is great but what makes them remarkable is the execution and that is the key to successfully organize a Trade show. Setting up your story, recognizing your audience and making a robust use of your monetary and human resources is the driving force to accomplishing your Trade show goals.

If you are the organizer, then you have enormous amount of work to get done.

Here are the pillar like elements for organizing a Trade show:

Research and planning
The first thing to do when you go to the table, is to specify your market and identify your audience, then proceed with all the things and events that you might need. Make a budget and build your marketing plan around that budget for best return on investment.

Team building and partners
Now organizing an event is not an one wo/man show, you will need people for that. People who are resourceful, like managers and planner. Fixers who could make arrangements and have contacts, such people help a lot in local conditions. You will need sales people, who work at direct level with people. Another part of the team is the sponsor or the event partner. If your Idea and your execution plan has enough fire, then your relevant industry expert if not far away from being your event sponsor. Having them on board gives the show a lot of edge with marketing.

Location and arrangements
Another pillar is the getting the right location, make the choice based on current world and business trends. While also keeping your audience in mind. Location sometimes prove to be the make or break point for an event. Once you zero down the location, start working for the game day arrangements like hospitality and services. Make sure that the arrangements are synonymous to the cultural focal point and at the same time, pleasing for your audience and exhibitors.

Marketing and Promotion
By now, everything is on ground and begins the great game of marketing and promotions. No event will be a success if there is not footfall. It is the single most agenda of an event, to network. So, the marketing should be clinical in that sense yet relentless. The growth hacking ideology should be followed, to keep the methods flexible and cost effective. Though mass marketing should not be ignored but targeted marketing with digital and personal level should hold the fore. These methods are cost effective and they get the best out of the budget.

Design and Branding
But what is a trade show without real interactions? 'Not a Trade show'. To avoid such scenario, the organizer must keep the arrangements and design interactive. The attendees as well as the exhibitors should feel connected at a point. So design and branding of banners, kiosks, merchandise and such things should represent the idea of the event in physical form. This will develop the aura of community in the event and hence will promote meaningful interactions and networking.